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This awesome data is analyzed from a sample size of 10,000 eCommerce websites worldwide using AddShoppers -- generating 1.69 billion pageviews across 304 million unique shoppers in 2014. Revenue attribution includes on-site shares and referral traffic measured across a 30 day window (Assisted) for a more accurate picture.

What is the average social order value?

Users who either came from a social network or shared spent $126.12 on average vs. non-socially engaged users who only spent $116.55. That's an 8.2% increase!

What exactly is a share worth?

$2.56 on average. A share's worth is highly dependent upon the site's category (e.g. Apparel is more social than Medical) and the social network...


per email


per share


per share


per share


per tweet


per pin

Do social networks convert the same?

Nope! Much like how a share's value is dependent upon website category, so is the likelihood of a social network helping to close a sale.


conv. rate


conv. rate


conv. rate


conv. rate


conv. rate


conv. rate

Which social platforms drive revenue?

  • Facebook 69.10%
  • Twitter 12.11%
  • Pinterest 7.73%
  • Email 6.42%
  • Google+ 2.56%
  • Other 2.06%

Which platforms are the most popular?

  • Facebook 73.68%
  • Twitter 10.10%
  • Pinterest 9.87%
  • Other 5.53%
  • Email .44%
  • Google .39%

For every 100 shares from your site...

you should expect about 105 directly referred visitors.

The viral coefficient (or k-factor) for the average eCommerce site is .02. Anything greater than 1 is considered "viral."

By comparison, Groupon's was .2 while Facebook was over 1.1.

Which social sources drive traffic?

(clicks per share)


per share


per share


per tweet


per share


per pin


per share


per share


per share


per share


per share


per email


per share

Are using "other" social networks worth it?

Not really. Unless there is a large niche social network closely related to your vertical, your time is better spent elsewhere.


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Did you know this about Tumblr?

Tumblr receives 1.13x the amount of shares that Google+ did.

Top categories for Tumblr:

  • 1. Apparel & Clothing
  • 2. Health & Beauty
  • 3. Electronics

And what about Wanelo?

Although Wanelo is geared towards stores in the Apparel & Clothing category, it drives more revenue to Home & Garden stores. Wanelo also gets 8.95x more shares than Polyvore, another apparel focused network.

Top categories for Wanelo:

  • 1. Home & Garden
  • 2. Apparel & Clothing
  • 3. Gifts

I bet you didnt know this about Pinterest.

Home and Garden is the most shared category for Pinterest followed by Apparel and Clothing. The average order value from a Home and Garden share on Pinterest is an impressive $232.73.

Top categories for Pinterest:

  • 1. Home & Garden
  • 2. Apparel & Clothing
  • 3. Health & Beauty

Facebook Share vs. Facebook Like

When it comes to eCommerce, the share is the way to go. Facebook doesn't seem to care about driving traffic to off-Facebook Liked content anymore. The worth of a share was 3.4x more than a Like and the share conversion was 5.44x more than a Like.

Are vice stores influenced by social?

Yep! Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest drive the most revenue, but Email converts the highest at an astonishing 16.67% for vice (tobacco, adult, etc.) stores.

Mature and Adult stores receive .92 clicks per share on average.

Which store types are shared the most often?

  • 1. Apparel & Clothing
  • 2. Entertainment & Media
  • 3. General Merchendise
  • 4. Electronics
  • 5. Home & Garden

What happened to Facebook Open Graph?

Facebook "Own" buttons only accounted for .05% of revenue even though they convert at 4.8%.

Facebook "Want" buttons performed better at .15% of total revenue, but neither Open Graph action was meaningful to retailers.

From all this data we can conclude that...

Facebook still reigns supreme with the largest increase in share worth (48%) and conversion rate (54%).

The highest converting category is Novelty. Baby and Children have the highest average order value, however, Apparel and Clothing gets the most sharing activity.

Every vertical is different so you must measure everything and when valuing social media, don't just use the "Last Click" method.


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